Deniz Gül


(Born in Izmir in 1982. She lives and works in Istanbul)


2004 BA, Sabanci University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), Visual Arts and Communication Design, Istanbul, Turkey.
2000 American Collegiate Institute (ACI), Izmir, Turkey



2016 “Loyelow”, The Pill, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 “B.I.M.A.B.K.R.”, Gallery Mana, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 “5 Person Bufet”, Arter, Istanbul, Turkey



2017 Sharjah Biennale
2015 Istanbul Biennale “Salt Water” curated by Carolyn Cristov-Bakargiev


2016 “Boşluk Antilop, Boşluk Hava”, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 “Reunion”, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 “Trocadero”, curated by Nazlı Gürlek, Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, Istanbul, Turkey
2012 “Modes of Address”, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria
2012 “In Growing up Amid the Historical Mysteries of Proximity: Pros & Cons of  Being Neighbors”, Ritopek, Belgrade
2011 “The Riot Act”, Mor – Charpentier Gallery, Paris, France
2010 “When Ideas Become Crime”, curated by Halil Altındere, DEPO, Istanbul, Turkey

2010 “Divercity”, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, curated by Kaja Pawelek and Serra Özhan, Warsaw, Poland
2010 “City Scale”, Lothringer 13, with Francoise Heitsch, Munich, Germany
2010 “Itineraires: Bosphore – Turquie” Maison des arts Georges Pompidou, France
2010 “Seasonal Work”, La Frische, Marseilles, France
2009 “Quel İstanbul?” L’ete Photographique de Lectoure, Toulouse, France.
2009 “Reciprocal Visit”, DEPO, Istanbul, Turkey
2009 “Istanbul Traverseé”, Palais des Beaux Artes, Lille3000, Lille, France.
2008 “What Game Shall We Play Today?” Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2008 “Occasional Cities: Post-it City and Other Forms of Temporality”, Centre De Cultura Contemporania,  curated by Marti Peran, Barcelona, Spain
2007 “Sidewalk Cinema”, Vienna, Austria
2006 “Going Public ’06”, Modena with aMAZE Lab, Italy
2005 “Terminal”, Triskel Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland
2005 “12th Biennial of Young and Mediterranean Artists”, Naples, Italy


2014 Saha Project Support Program (Istanbul, TR), CecArtsLink Independent Projects (Ny, USA)



2012 Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA
2011 Künstlersymposium ORTung 2011, Salzburger Kunstverrein, Salzburg, Austria
2010 Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany
2010 Platform Garanti, Istanbul, Turkey
2008 Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan



2016 Gul, Deniz. Loyewlow. Istanbul: Norgunk, 2016
2015 Gul, Deniz. Untitled (ABAS, ÇATLI, PEKER, PERİNÇEK, YAZICIOĞLU, YEŞİL), Book Lab,
2013 Gul, Deniz. B.I.M.A.B.K.R.. Istanbul: Galeri Mana, 2013
2011 Gul, Deniz. 5 Person Bufet. Istanbul. 2011
2008 Gul, Deniz, et al. Urban Makers – Parallel Narratives of Grassroots Practices and Tensions. Berlin: b_books, 2008.


2015 “5 Person Bufet”, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, USA
2014 BookLab, Studio X, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 Victor Burgin studio, Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture, Turkey
2009 “Reciprocal Visit”, Apartment Project, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Tr
2005 “KHOJ 2005 International Artists Workshop”, Bombay, India


2009 “Deniz Gül and Burak Arıkan: Notes on Immaterial Labor”, Relative Position and Conclusions, Arcade of Syria, Istanbul, Turkey.
2008 “Transient Spaces. The Istanbul Model”, NABA – The Utopian Display Platform, MIArt, Milan, Italy
2005 “Transmodalities: mind, art, new media symposium”, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.