Deniz Gül

22.09.2016 – 20.11.2016

The Pill® is pleased to announce Turkish conceptual artist Deniz Gul’s third solo show in Turkey.
Loyelow follows a lead initiated by the artist in 2011 with her text “5 Person Bufet” which led to three artistic realizations and a performance, and her second solo show B.I.M.A.B.K.R.
In this exhibition, as often in Deniz Gul’s practice, the audience is invited to immerge in a young boy’s stream of consciousness symbolized by an abstraction of a room filled with his dream belongings. While stepping in the exhibition space, and wandering among transitional objects, the viewer will get glimpses of his mind as if accessing his deepest thoughts, senses, hopes and dreams altered by the filter of memory. Somewherebetween dream and reality, subconscious and conscious the viewer is invited to a sensorial experience.
Language and ideas, words and symbols, public and private spaces such are the binary relations the artist is dissecting to take out the dialectic of these mental constructions.
The exhibition will feature Gul’s first video “Stardust” and site-specific interventions. A large scale installation materialized by a yellow neon map “Loyelow Fields” and a glass sculpture “Teodora” will play the role of transitional objects.
The artist’s novel of the same name will be published by Norgunk and will be available at the gallery.

Her multi-phased project 5 Person Bufet was curated by Emre Baykal in Arter, in 2011 and was completed as a collaborative performance in Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, in 2015. She has been awarded by CecArtsLink in Ny (2014) and she was invited to residencies at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago (2012); Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (2008), Khoj, Mumbai (2006). Her work has been included in exhibitions in institutions in Europe, including Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg (2012); the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (2010); Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille (2009); Centre De Cultura Contemporania, Barcelona (2008).
She was invited to do a site-specific installation in a rundown Greek apartment in Beyoğlu, for the 14. Istanbul Biennial curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

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